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Published onMarch 7th, 2011 by

If you like some EnjoyYourCooking article, feel free to link to it from your website, no permission is necessary.

This also includes sharing of links various social medias such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Delicious, etc.

If you feature EnjoyYourCooking in your articles or in blogroll, please leave a comment with URL here. If I find your site interesting for my visitors, I may link back.

The Site Content Is Copyrighted

Respect work of others. I spend a lot of time working on this website and recipes, as well as making, cleaning up and preparing images, so it really makes me sad finding my text or my images copied to other websites.

There seems to be no way around: some people just think that if an image has a copyright on it, then that is enough to remove it and resize image a bit to make image not copyrighted… And that is wrong. I do not permit using any of the materials of this website on other websites without prior agreement from my side.

Believe me, I know how my kitchen looks like, as well as my cookware, food and even my hands… If that is not enough, I really do have all the raw sources for every one of the photos on this website, so it will be pretty easy to prove the ownership.

To Make Life a Bit Easier

I allow using first image of any recipe on your website with the condition that EnjoyYourCooking.com copyright sign is intact and good visible; image itself should be properly linked to the corresponding article at EnjoyYourCooking.com.

As a note: on my opinion proper link doesn’t include nofollow tags, cannot be represented by javascripts, redirections, iframes and so on.

If you have any questions regarding using EnjoyYourCooking content (including text or images) on your website, please contact me directly.

With respect, Julia

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I would like to subscribe to you website

Dear Julia!

My name is Anastasia, I’m an owner and author of russian language cooking site http://10i5.ru
There are my recipes with step-by-step description and photos. Now I plan to open new column with the recipes of another authors. I kindly ask you to let me know if I may use your recipes (translated into russian language) with your step-by-step photos. Of course I will put your name under recipe with link to your web page.

Thank you in advance.

Its so nice and thanks for the information,it really helped me make up my mind to better side..thanks..it’s cool..

I only post recipes I actually make, and since I was not able to find sour cherries around here, I never made this soup. However, I have a Strawberry soup posted, so the process is the same, just different fruit:

I just found your website, since I LOVE sour cherries, and you made varenyky out of them. This past summer I had fresh sour cherries for the FIRST time, while visiting my son in Goshen, New York.
My mom used to make awesome summer soup from sour cherries.
I also have a blog, and post lots of Eastern-European recipes. I love reading your recipes as well.
Feel free to link up to my posts, whenever you find them interesting.