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Published onDecember 29th, 2008 by

For various reasons you may want to contact me, please leave comment on this page.

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this site looks delicious


hello, I am interested in buying some of your content. if you are interested, please contact me by email. thanks!

Wayne Kelly

Hi Julia! I have recently found your website and recipes online and have made 2 of them so far. I chose to make the 2 recipes specifically because they seemed like Slavic recipes that I am familiar with, because my wife is from Lviv Ukraine. Looks like you are too, small world!


Hi Julia i have a website and app. I would like to use your recipes with How to prepare, step-by-step:I will incluse your what whatever you want. App isnt published yet butit will be soon. Please let me know if it ok to use your content and images. Thanks Alfonzo


Hi julia, I have the same white green and black plates that you used in your pictures a, I love them but they are breaking now, I want to buy the same set but i dont know where to find them .Do you know the name of place where I can buy them from. I actually bought them from a thrift store.
Your cooking style is very minimalist and I like it. Thanks