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Published onDecember 29th, 2008 by

For various reasons you may want to contact me, please leave comment on this page.

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Love your recipes!!! Keep it up!!! ;)))


Hi Julia,

I found EYC while I was searching for a recipe for schav. Your recipe for sorrel soup looks very interesting. When I made it before, I used chicken stock and cream. Your recipe, with pork stock and parsnip and egg, sounds delicious. I’ll be trying it in a few days. I’m lucky – my neighbor grows sorrel in his garden here in San Francisco, so I can get enough sorrel to make soup!

Thanks, and please say Hi to Stalone and Shiva.

– Gene

Dear Julia,

I was wondering if I could borrow some of your recipes to add to our website http://www.jane.tips – and images? In return I would link to your site.

with kind regards,



Hi Julia,

Love your recipes, so much so that I want to store them in my notebook. Any possibility of making your recipes print friendly? Currently, they are over 6 pages long. I love that layout online for wonderful visual directions, but I wouldn’t mind having succinct versions. Something like simplyrecipes dot com. Thanks again for the delicious food, I’m a big fan!

Hi Julia,
I’m publishing a cook book as a fund raising project for the Thyroid Head and Neck Cancer Foundation, (THANC.) I would like to devote a few pages consisting of of soft food choices for those caregivers to prepare for those afflicted with these diseases. Would it be possible to use some of your recipes and reference them to you in my book?
Thank you. I would appreciate any suggestions or help you can give me.
Carm Sagendorf