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Banana Milkshake (Fruit Milkshake)

September 26th, 2009 in Beverages, Non-alcoholic by
Total cooking time: 15min
Banana Milkshake

Even though the title says this is recipe for Banana Milkshake, this very simple recipe can be used to prepare pretty much any kind of fruit milkshake – just replace bananas with strawberry or raspberries and vanilla ice-cream with any kind of ice cream you like and enjoy your very own taste of a milkshake.

I should also mention what milk and ice-cream (main ingredients of a milkshake) are good sources of calcium, which is an important component of a healthy diet. It is especially for children. Which makes milkshakes good drinks for kids: not only is it tasty so they love it, but also is nutritious.

So, whatever your goal is – to make sure your kid gets the needed amount of calcium or to remind yourself about the times when you were a kid – make a milkshake (it is easy)!

Ingredients (for about 3 glasses):

How to make, step-by-step:

  1. Prepare ingredients, you will also need blender:
    Banana Milkshake Recipe: Step 1
    Banana Milkshake Recipe: Step 1
  2. Skin and slice bananas into blender cup:
    Banana Milkshake Recipe: Step 2
    Banana Milkshake Recipe: Step 2
  3. Add ice-cream and all milk:
    Banana Milkshake Recipe: Step 3
    Banana Milkshake Recipe: Step 3
  4. Cover blender cup with a lid and turn it on high speed (I use “milkshake” speed on my blender) for 3-4 mins:
    Banana Milkshake Recipe: Step 4
    Banana Milkshake Recipe: Step 4
  5. Pour it into glasses, then enjoy your Banana Milkshake:
    Banana Milkshake Recipe: Step 5
    Banana Milkshake Recipe: Step 5

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why ice cream

Joy Simpson II

So…the reciepe is good but it’s difficult to prepere in cold weather.
Indians Reciepes seems to be better.
as far as i see…


The reciepe seems to be good. As far as i see.
May be it’s possible to prepare this milkshake without ice cream?
So like liquid? And it’s very good to add also powdered vanilla.
Anyone thinks so? 🙂


Yes you can I make mine like that


Very easy to follow and enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


seems yummy..will try it tomorrow in sha Allah!