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How to Prepare Boiled Rice for Salad

December 28th, 2008 in Tips, Advices & How-to by
Total cooking time: 20min
How to Prepare Boiled Rice for Salad

That recipe is good to prepare boiled rice for salads as well as for side dishes.

You will need:

How to make, step-by-step:

  1. Fill cooking pot with a water and put it on the burner on moderate heat.
  2. Add salt after water begin to boil. If you don’t salt other ingredients of your salad you may want to add a bit more salt to rice than you would usually do. However under-salting can be corrected later on.
  3. Rinse rice with cold water in some bowl and put it to pot with boiling water. Stir water with rice till the moment water become boiling again. Make sure no rice sticks to the bottom of the pot.
  4. After water become to boil again adjust heat so it doesn’t bubble too much.
  5. Let rice to boil for 10-15 minutes. The time for its preparation may vary, so it is better to taste riceĀ  from time to time if it started becoming soft.
  6. For salad rice it is important to not become too soft. So move the cooking pot to cold burner when you feel rice is almost prepared but not yet. Put lid on the pot and let it stay for 10-15 more minutes. You may want to let it be in the water for more time if rice didn’t get exact softness you wanted yet.
  7. When rice got soft enough, put it to the colander so water can go away.
  8. Put rice to salad bowl and let it cool to the room temperature. After rice gets cool enough it is ready to be added to the salad.

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