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Pan Fried Cod (Fried Fish)

February 15th, 2009 in Fish, Main Dishes by
Total cooking time: 30min
Fried Cod

I’ve prepared the pan fried cod for this photo recipe, but you can cook pretty much fresh fish of any kind in the same way.

Just make sure you scale fish before (if it has scales) and cut into portion pieces suitable for frying.

I like to serve fried fish with Potato Puree, but you may find some other side dish for it.


How to make, step by step:

  1. Wash cod fillet in cold water and cut into portion pieces:
    Fried Cod Recipe: Step 1
    Fried Cod Recipe: Step 1
  2. Crack all eggs into a bowl, add a bit of salt and mix. Pour flour into another bowl:
    Fried Cod Recipe: Step 2
    Fried Cod Recipe: Step 2
  3. Take several pieces of cod, salt them from each side and roll in the flour:
    Fried Cod Recipe: Step 3
    Fried Cod Recipe: Step 3
  4. Put frying pan on the moderate heat and add sunflower oil. When frying pan is warmed up, dip cod pieces into eggs and move them to the frying pan:
    Fried Cod Recipe: Step 4
    Fried Cod Recipe: Step 4
  5. You need to fry each piece of cod from each side till it is ready, depends of the size of cod pieces it can take from 5 till 10 minutes:
    Fried Cod Recipe: Step 5
    Fried Cod Recipe: Step 5
  6. Move prepared cod pieces from the pan to the plate. You may need to repeat steaps 3-5 for the rest of cod pieces, after this your fried cod is ready to be served:
    Fried Cod
    Fried Cod
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Andre Theman
3 years ago

This is the first time I see flour, then egg, then in the oil with no second coating of flour.

6 years ago

Just finished it … with mashed potatoes and a Black Horse. Delicious.

7 years ago

Thank you for sharing this recipe

9 years ago

Tried it and it came out perfect. Love the simple recipe. Thanks.

9 years ago

This is so refreshing, I love fish this is truly an easy and simple recipe. Adam, you answered my question as to what to do with the 2 pounds of cod he brought home, My kitchen has all the ingredients including, the sauce. Which will again save time because I don’t have to go the store.
I will Bookmark my new favorite site in hopes that you will share more of your fish recipes. GOOD job!!!

Thank you, Cod for dinner will be served today.

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