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Zucchini Crepes

August 27th, 2016 in Main Dishes, No-meat by Julia Volhina
Zucchini Crepes

Savory crepes with no sugar added and lower amount of flour than in traditional crepes due to usage of zucchini pulp – yes, count me in!

Amount of flour specified in the recipe is somewhat approximate. You may end up using more or less depending on how liquid the kefir is.

Generally you don’t want to get batter to thick for crepes to become too thick, but you also don’t want to make it too thin either because it will be hard to turn a crepe over when frying (it may tear).

So if crepe tears when you try to flip it, add a bit flour in before frying next one, or if it turns out too thick – add a bit of kefir to the batter.

Kefir makes crepes very tender, and may be somewhat hard to flip in general, so use smaller frying pan to make the process easier.

Crepes with Boiled Meat and Rice Stuffing

October 15th, 2011 in Beef, Main Dishes by Julia Volhina
Crepes with Boiled Meat and Rice Stuffing

A cup of beef broth with a couple of meat and rice stuffed crepes will always remind me of my childhood: mom used to cook these all the time.

There is always boiled meat left over from cooking broth, and stuffing crepes with it is easy way to prepare a nice meal to go with it.

Assembled meat and rice stuffed crepes can be stored in fridge for couple of days – you just need to warm them up by frying right before serving.

And if you cook a way too much (as I usually do) just seal some portion of stuffed crepes in a bag and freeze them up, this way you will always have some fresh stuffed crepes when you need to prepare some food fast.

Crepes Stuffed with Apple

April 3rd, 2010 in Main Dishes, No-meat by Julia Volhina
Crepes Stuffed with Apple

For some reasons, I always cook a bit too much than we can eat at once, especially when it comes to crêpes.

So there are some times when I am wondering what to do with all those extra crêpes left from the yesterday.

Here is nice idea how else you can eat left over crêpes: stuff them with honey and apples – those will get you full fast, and because stuffing is pure apple – you will also eat good nutritious breakfast.

If you are interested to know how to cook thin crêpes – read here.

Crepes with Fresh Cheese

August 15th, 2009 in Main Dishes, No-meat by Julia Volhina
Crepes with Fresh Cheese

If you’ve got some crepes left or thinking about how to make them more tasteful and nutritious then stuff them with fresh cheese. You can prepare stuffed crepes and store them for future in the freezer. After, all you have to do to get a fresh and tasty crepe with cheese is to get it out of freezer and warm it up.

The only hassle with this recipe can be to find (or prepare) good quark-kind fresh white cheese. Try Russian, Ukrainian or Polish shop if you can’t locate it local supermarket.

Crepes with Fresh Cheese are good for breakfast or snack, also they make perfect food for kids.

Crepes (Thin Pancakes)

May 16th, 2009 in Main Dishes, No-meat by Julia Volhina
Crepes (Thin Pancakes)

Crêpes (crepes, thin pancakes, blintz, bliny, mlynchyky) can be served with various dips and plain fillings (fresh fruits, sour cream, honey, jam, sugar, etc) or be staffed with more complex fillings like mushroom & cheese sauce, meat and rice, eggs and green onions stuffing, etc.

But in any case you will need to prepare crêpes first and that requires agility and some kind of training. Read how I prepare them in the step-by-step guide.