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Whole Chicken Roast with Oranges

April 23rd, 2011 in Chicken, Main Dishes by Julia Volhina
Whole Chicken Roast with Oranges

This roast chicken was a first real food we cooked in our new home since the move (yep, we got a house!). So it was kind of the “celebration of new home” meal :).

If you are looking for some easy recipe for some special event – search no more: whole chicken roast stuffed with oranges is very-very juicy and has a bit unusual sweet taste.

It goes good with mashed potatoes or plain boiled rice as a side dish.

If you don’t like taste of orange zest – peel oranges before stuffing, that will smooth taste a bit.

Chicken Pilaf

January 22nd, 2011 in Chicken, Main Dishes by Julia Volhina
Chicken Pilaf

An easy tweak to classic pilaf recipe – chicken instead of lamb – will make this dish to shine all different colors. Chicken require less time to cook, it is more lean so, let’s say it is more healthy and also faster to prepare 🙂

Using whole chicken is an option, but in this case you probably need to bone it first (unless you like to chew on bones).

Take boneless thighs, if you don’t like to spend time removing bones. Chicken breasts can be used as well, but may end up being too dry – mix them up with some other parts such us thighs or so.

Another trick to this recipe is using cast-iron pan, ideally round one. It makes rice to cook more evenly which is more important part – get soft not overcooked rice.

Chicken Schnitzels (Chicken Tenders)

October 16th, 2010 in Chicken, Main Dishes by Julia Volhina
Chicken Schnitzels (Chicken Tenders)

This recipe for chicken tenders (or beaten chicken cutlets) is somewhat similar to pork schnitzels, except for the fact they are made from chicken, of course.

In additional to breading (for which, I must say, ground breadcrumbs work the best), cooking of those require some agility to cut chicken breasts into flat portion pieces: so if you are wondering how to do that – keep reading 🙂

Chicken tenders are perfect for dinner; you can store leftover tenders in the fridge and warm them up for lunch or eat cold and they are great for sandwiches.

Fried Chicken

March 13th, 2010 in Chicken, Main Dishes by Julia Volhina
Fried Chicken

It is the easiest way to cook chicken: get meat pieces, rub them with salt and spices, and then fry. Nothing complex and yet still very tasty.

Whole chicken legs are the best for this recipe, you can even get into more extreme and fry whole halves of chicken or cornish hen (bigger pieces are more juicy, but you may need to increase cooking time for big portions of meat).

Drumsticks, thighs and even wings can be cooked the same way: but you may need to reduce cooking time and increase amount of spices – just keep proportion of spice the same: 1 part of cumin to 1 part of ground black pepper to 2 parts of ground coriander – and it will be fine.

Baked Spicy Chicken

October 3rd, 2009 in Chicken, Main Dishes by Julia Volhina
Baked Spicy Chicken

It is chicken time! And I think, one of the easiest ways to prepare various parts of chicken (or even chicken in a whole!) is to bake them with some spices.

Baked Spicy Chicken dish is great for the dinner: its cooking doesn’t require much of attention, which gives you time to take care of other important things :). However you will need to start cooking it in advance to let chicken soak in the sauce.

So let’s mix up some spices, garlic, mayonnaise, pour it over the chicken and bake it all together.

Chicken Cutlets

August 1st, 2009 in Chicken, Main Dishes by Julia Volhina
Chicken Cutlets

Cutlets prepared of soft ground chicken meat are delicious main course dish. I have a meat grinder, so I like to grind the meat for cutlets myself. However you can also buy a ground chicken meat and just mix minced or grated onion into it instead.

Ground Chicken Cutlets taste good with steamed or sauteed vegetables, fresh vegetable salads (e.g. carrots and garlic salad or cabbage slaw) and, of course, potatoes (fried or mashed), feel free to pick up a side of your choice.

Cotopulo Gyros (Greek Chicken with Spices)

April 26th, 2009 in Chicken, Main Dishes by Julia Volhina
Cotopulo Gyros (Greek Chicken with Spices)

Gyros is Greek meat dish (right, it can be not only chicken gyros, but also beef, pork or lamb).

To make it: marinate sliced meat, place it on a tall vertical spit, which turns in front of a source of heat and cut meat out when is ready…

Well I don’t have such vertical spit at home, so I prepare gyros in a different way.

And I like the gyros made of chicken more, so it is why that post about “Cotopulo Gyros” after all. And yes, it is spicy!