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Russian Lenten Mushroom Soup

February 19th, 2011 in Hot Soups, Soups by Julia Volhina
Russian Lenten Mushroom Soup

This soup doesn’t include any meat, it is based on mushrooms and have vegetables (carrot, parsley and celery roots, potato) as well as pearl barley.

Such kind of mushroom soup is very popular in Russia. Various kind of mushrooms can be used in this recipe, but I must say fresh or frozen porcini are the best tasting ones, if you can find them, of course.

If you are not trying to follow Great Lent rules – my advise is don’t skip on sour cream, 1 tablespoon of sour cream to the bowl of mushroom soup not only adds nutrients, but also gives the soup its unique rich taste.

Salad Dnister (Cabbage, Peas and Sausage)

September 25th, 2010 in Salads by Julia Volhina
Salad Dnister (Cabbage, Peas and Sausage)

Salad Dnister (just like a river) is a popular in West Ukraine dish originated in Carpathian mountains region, and made its way to other places as it is easy, not expensive and fast to do and very tasty.

Main ingredient of this salad is shredded cabbage, so you can consider it to be a coleslaw with a sausage and peas dressed with mayonnaise.

A bit of a challenge here would be to find suitable sausage. The closest translation to the kind of sausage you need I could come up with is “half-smoked summer sausage”, however I am pretty sure that sounds weird in english, and if you know how to call it better – please let me know. Krakowska or Ternopil’ska sausage will work here, if you can find any of those in Ukrainian or European shop.


August 29th, 2009 in Cold Soups, Soups by Julia Volhina

Okroshka is traditional russian cold soup. It is perfect meal for hot summer weather as it is prepared on the base of kvass – russian bread drink – and it is light and very refreshing.

Finding good fresh kvass for okroshka can be challenging outside of former-USSR. You may try russian or ukrainian shop, or, of course, you can prepare kvass yourself. But If you are not lucky with any of these, you can also replace kvass with mineral water, kefir diluted with boiled cold water or even light beer.

Meatballs Soup

March 8th, 2009 in Hot Soups, Soups by Julia Volhina
Meatballs Soup

Eating soups is healthy, let’s also make it tasty!

Homemade beef broth, a lot of vegetables and meatballs, sounds good for me, what about you?

If you don’t want to play with making broth yourself, canned beef or chicken one will work as well, this will also save you some time.

You may dilute it with water since meatballs will contribute to broth as well.

Russian Salad (Olivier)

February 22nd, 2009 in Salads by Julia Volhina
Russian Salad (Olivier)

Usually people outside of former-USSR call it Russian Salad, however its original name is Salad Olivier.

This salad was and maybe still is the most traditional dish for the home New Year celebration for Russian people, and some other family holidays also. Hope you will like it too.

Different cooks may use slightly different ingredients in the salad, and the taste will vary because of this.

This recipe describes Salad Olivier how it us being prepared in my family.

Carrots and Stewed Mushrooms Salad

December 26th, 2008 in Salads by Julia Volhina
Carrots and Stewed Mushrooms Salad

Here comes the first recipe of this blog: step-by-step photo recipe of amazing and nutritious salad with carrots and mushroom sauce.

This salad is a perfect dish itself, there is not meat used to prepare it, just a lot of mushrooms and vegetables, however it can be served as a side dish for any meat, poultry or fish main dish if you like.

Carrots and Stewed Mushrooms Salad tastes good as warm as well as cooled, leftover can be easily stored in fridge. Hope you will like it!